Meet Our Team!


Meet Beth!


Hello all of you lovely couples!  My name is Beth and I am the founder of this amazing company.  I love weddings, no like I love them way too much!  My husband and I have been a wedding photography team for over 6 years now, and when COVID hit, I found a passion for small weddings.  I have worked super hard to provide a luxury experience for couples that don't necessarily want a huge wedding, but still want to feel special.  

Things you should know about me.  I love dogs, they are my soul creatures.  Pizza is a staple food.  Star Wars is my obsession.  When you visit the chapel, you will likely see my R2D2's scattered around my office to keep me company!

Meet Jamie!

Hello! My name is Jamie D and if I were to describe my interests I would say: bunnies, video games, true crime, and of course, weddings! There is nothing better to me than curling up on the couch with a true crime book, cuddled up to my bunnies! When I am not doing that, I am either caring for my newborn son, playing video games with my husband, or planning a wedding.


Weddings are not just a hobby for me, they are my passion. I enjoy taking the time to build relationships with couples so I can help create the vision they have always dreamed for on their wedding day. It brings me so much delight to make their day go flawlessly, and then continue a relationship after the big day to see their love grow. When you ask me what my favorite part of participating in weddings is, I would have to say sending the bride or groom down the aisle with their loved one as they walk to be joined with their soul mate. I shamelessly cry every time. I hope to be able to add my tears of joy to yours and the loved ones you surround yourself with on your special day.

Meet Stephanie!

Born and raised on the south side of Indianapolis I am a true Hoosier girl and an active member of the LGBTQ+ community.


I found my passion officiating and take great pride in joining anyone in love in marriage! I am always honored to be apart of such a special day in a couples life and whether it be light hearted or romantically serious I strive to provide my brides and grooms with a day they can look back on with joy and love for the rest of their lives. When I’m not taking part in the “I do’s” I enjoy spending time with friends and family around my bonfire or in my pool with my dogs. I look forward to going above and beyond to make sure your perfect day is everything you dreamed of and more!